Nokori: A free to play FPS in Japan? Interesting

I tried writing this article in Google Chrome, and it was less than pleasant. I thoroughly enjoy the browser for its speed, but the lack of plugins (namely Speed Dial and Rikaichan for me) make it nearly impossible to quickly translate Japanese articles. Ah well, sticking to Firefox for now. So, here’s tonight’s Japanese stories:

A new teaser site has opened for the latest Atelier game. The new title, Atelier Annie, is set to be on the DS and come out sometime in 2009 for 5,040 yen. I love how the Degenki article tells us that “both of the DS screens will be utilized” in this title. Really? Thank God. I was worried that no one was going to find a use for that second screen, nearly four years into the system’s life.

We’ve also got some information on the vaguely-talked-about game The Sky Crawlers. Originally a five-book alternate history novel series in Japan, it was adapted into an anime film by Mamoru Oshii and Production I.G. just recently — it hit theatres at the beginning of August. The title will be following the anime’s plot and is coming from the Crimson Skies developers. The article continues on and goes into depth with some of the missions, but nothing too special. That’s the t

A new online game, Operation7, has launched from M Game Japan. The realistic FPS game is free to play, but they make their money via micropayments for itmes and such. To promote the game’s launch, they’re running a special “Bounty Hound” campaign from now until the 19th, where you can get a dogtag from a downed enemy’s bag. For the “winners” (they don’t specify how to win), they’ll get toy replica guns sent to them as a prize. Sound pretty awesome to me.

While you’re here, go ahead and check out some sample character art for Knights in the Nightmare. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, then how about Angel Love Online? There’s really nothing special about this online RPG from Q Entertainment and the announcement of a limited edition starter pack — I just enjoyed the name.

Here’s another interesting one: the novel Saga no Gabai Bachan is getting a game adaptation. A subsidary of Yuke’s is going to be developing the game along with Try First, another developer. Thus far not much has been announced, but the story of the book/film iterations is a memoir from a Japanese comedian about growing up under the care of his grandmother. I’ll be curious to see how this turns into a game, unless it’s just going to be a cheap DS point and click story.

That’s it for tonight, all!