Nod ya head to these Final Fantasy VI instrumental mixes

Today is unofficially Final Fantasy day. Even if you aren’t heading down to the store to pick up FFXIII-2, you can still celebrate by grabbing some delicious fan-made music arrangements. I’ve already informed you of rapper Random’s Black Materia: The Remixes album, but if that isn’t your bag, maybe you’ll enjoy a FFVI remix compilation care of frequent Random collaborator K-Murdock.

Hero Muzik Vol. 1 is the first in a series that celebrates some of K-Murdock’s favorite RPGs, starting with Final Fantasy VI. The album tackles the theme songs of all 14 playable characters, taking the original SNES tunes and giving them a fresh spin. It’s pretty similar to the Ocarina of Time-based Flyrule I shared a while back, so if you enjoyed that one, you’ll probably dig this as well.

You can grab a digital copy of Hero Muzik Vol. 1 for $8 or physical copy with extra tracks for $13. Visit the Bandcamp page or check the embed below to sample some sounds.

Hero Muzik Vol. 1 [Bandcamp]

Tony Ponce