No Wii DVD for thee… for now

Are you one of the last remaining holdouts basking in the glory of a self-imposed exile from technological leaps and avoiding DVDs until Nintendo outfits its next iteration of the Wii with built in DVD playback? If so, the wait to make the “current-gen” jump just got a little longer. IGN is reporting that Nintendo has decided put off plans of producing a DVD-ready until sometime next year. The reasoning behind it has to do with Nintendo making sure that they don’t make any manufacturing changes that might impact getting more units out the door — and to store shelves on time. After all, the holidays are fast approaching.

Why anyone would want to spend $250 to watch movies is beyond me (This is the part where the anti-PS3 crowd goes nuts). This isn’t exactly like the early PlayStation 2 days, where part of the glamour was adding a new technology to your living room. You can literally purchase a stand-alone player for $30 these days. Considering that most households already have at least one working DVD player, and that the Wii is better suited as a gaming device — I don’t think this is going to turn a lot of heads.

Then again, I could be wrong. Is anyone out there really missing this function at this time? If it’s that important to you, there are other routes. Just try not to get spooked by the black helicopter Nintendo dispatches to hover above your house at night. Rumor has it that they don’t always take to console modifications too kindly.

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