No StarCraft II this year

We brought you news last week that several major retailers were giving StarCraft II a December 3 release date. Although it was in no way official, something seemed rather fishy that they would all announce the same date a week before Blizzard’s 2008 Worldwide Invitational. That being the case, it seemed likely that Blizzard would offer some sort of statement on the matter during the event this weekend.

That’s exactly what Vice President Rob Pardo did when he trampled this rumor (along with my hopes) with all the fury of a rampaging Zerg Ultralisk. According to Pardo, Blizzard is only “about a third of the way through” the single player campaign and is currently focusing on the story and all those pretty cinematics that keep us entertained between battles. Oh well.

Pardo does mention that Blizzard will have something nice to satiate StarCraft deprived gamers at the end of this year. A demo, perhaps? He also mentions that StarCraft II will be releasing simultaneously on Macs. So, yeah, there’s that.

Does this news disappoint or are you too psyched about Diablo 3 to really care right now?

[Via Kotaku – Thanks, Brian]

Justin Villasenor