No sleep had! We gamed all to night benefit cancer fund

Update:  We’re live!  … but just for another half hour!

We have raised over $4,000 in the last 24 hours but that’s still a tiny amount to what’s realistically needed to cure cancer and EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS no matter how small.  Got a buck? Donate now!

What we’re doing now:  BEATLES ROCK BAND!  We’re taking requests – send them our way! Since 8am we’ve been gaming non-stop and we are almost done. (The chat room is right above our studio, we can seeeeeee you)

What you may have missed: Niero’s spontaneous podcast! You had to be there, we covered everything from the meaning of life and bad choices in graphic design software.  We also played Geikisha Boy 2, fought Nazi zombies in Modern Warfare, played God Hand, Plants vs. Zombies, Niero failed to rescue (we tried again at 4am, it happened!) Michael Jackson in Space Channel 5 part 2 so the bad people in space took him away from us forever, just like in real life! We have this and more weird PS2 games coming as we go into the night. Colette made sammiches!  Niero beat Tetris level 9-5 on Tetris and launched a space shuttle. Rey turned blonde and Gabe lost his voice screaming: we just played a Japanese game called Super Mic Chan where you play mini-games by screaming.  Have you played Mr. Driller? Imagine Screamo Driller. Nuff said. Before that some weird guy trying to pay Colette a complement which turned into the funniest meme ever, you had to be there. Our Dreamcast melted after Leonard Nemoy’s Seaman followed by Samba De Amigo, fired up 4-way I ma3d a gam3 with zomb13s in it!!!, got eaten alive at Ikaruga, Colette cosplayed as Mitsuru from Persona 3 and summoned various strange characters and am halfway through first quest of Zelda, Rey finished most of Uncharted 2, Niero beat Space Harrier II, Mega Man 2 and Noah’s mission in Bible Adventures (seriously) by request, bizarro Chad Concelmo performed asombroso, we sang Sarah McDuckling accapella, we beat Legend of Kage, suck at Double Dragon II and Strider, completed a 2-hour session of face-melting Rock Band 2 song requests, beat the Citizen Kane of video games Altered Beast, beat E.T. on the 2600 while wearing a rubber horse head, played Fear 2 (aka Modern Warfare 42), and Mass Space Effect. 

We started Saturday 8am and our marathon will run through the night, ending at 8 AM Sunday. Want to donate something to sponsor our efforts? Head here to do so. It can be a totally minimal amount (or if you feel really inspired by our antics, a big fat amount), but no matter what, it all counts. You can comment in our live feed, too, so make sure to come in and chat us up. See you in the chat room!

Special thanks to all of our donors below!


My Sponsors
Name Date Amount Comments
K. McLaughlin 10/18/2009 $125.00 Still doing awesome Dtoid crew. Keep killing cancer!
H. Do 10/18/2009 $10.00 Go Destructoid! Shoot a huge load of cure all over cancer’s whore face.
A. Wooster 10/18/2009 $24.00 PARAMORE!!!!
C. Rasmussen 10/18/2009 $1.12 Dtoid FTW
C. Polly 10/18/2009 $26.00 Long time supporter of D-Toid. I love you guys! RFGO!
G. Cockrell 10/18/2009 $10.00 Great fun, great laughs, great cause. You’ve caused my death in batman numerous times. Love you guys! – Garon (Pop Culture Beast!)
C. Rasmussen 10/18/2009 $10.00
B. Gee 10/18/2009 $2.00 Everytime a Dtoid staffer screams, cancer gets kicked IN THE GROIN!
C. Edwards 10/18/2009 $2.00
S. Wong 10/18/2009 $5.00 Internet is over! You guys are screaming at this Japanese game so I’m donating again because you guys made me lulz so hard I fell over crying. I love you all. Please keep it up!
C. Hansbrough 10/18/2009 $6.00 WELCOME TO EARF! says the Scion of Mogo
A. Davidson 10/18/2009 $10.00
A. Kotek 10/18/2009 $20.00 Screw Zelda, it was a childish dream anyway.-Bishna
J. Rubenstein 10/18/2009 $120.00 Cancer sucks.
N. Strife 10/18/2009 $8.50
Anonymous 10/18/2009 $100.00
K. McLaughlin 10/18/2009 $110.00 Let’s go for 3500! Keep it up you beautiful people! Love, lyfeforce
Anonymous 10/18/2009 $6.00
Anonymous 10/18/2009 $100.00
Stryker 10/18/2009 $5.00 Cure cancer. Donating for great justice, I wish people would stop wasting their money on stupid shit like flashy clothes, expensive cars, and other crap they don’t need when people are suffering in the world. Lots of Love, 4Chan.
Anonymous 10/18/2009 $20.00
M. Stryker 10/18/2009 $15.00 Just joking Colette. Sorry. Love you guys, hope you all make it through the night.
M. Stryker 10/18/2009 $0.69 Colette, I heard you and rey are bumping uglies, is this true?
M. Stryker 10/18/2009 $0.69 Colette, You are now reading this in the sound of my voice.
D. Weber 10/18/2009 $24.00 I want to see Jim Sterling shirtless and gaming for 30 minutes
M. TERRY 10/17/2009 $50.00 F*ck you cancer, F*CK YOU!!!
M. Stryker 10/17/2009 $75.00 Dtoid: I love you guys, keep playing till 8 A.M.! Good luck!
T. Muenster 10/17/2009 $72.00
A. Nicholson 10/17/2009 $30.00
D. Yednock 10/17/2009 $2.00 Just 14 more!
G. Martinez III 10/17/2009 $81.54 Think of the Childrens – Polo Guy
A. Hitler 10/17/2009 $2.00 Even Hitler is against cancer.
A. Welker 10/17/2009 $15.00 With <3 from Welkstar
L. Cichowicz 10/17/2009 $10.00
B. Darst 10/17/2009 $20.00
S. Wong 10/17/2009 $15.00 I love you guys! much love you guys are hotness <3 I also love mai waifu. <3 Stay Classy Rey! 😀
S. Reed 10/17/2009 $100.00
R. Hunter 10/17/2009 $1.00 You guys are so awesome I had to donate again. Sorry it’s smaller than last time – TripleZer0
Anonymous 10/17/2009 $15.00
J. Tubbs 10/17/2009 $72.00 ^_^
A. Butler 10/17/2009 $20.00 I feel bad for getting to see Hamza’s pee-pee and not having to pay so here we go!
N. Dave 10/17/2009 $20.00 Shaq-Fu must be played. Also it’s AB-uh-cus -Ok_Abacus
J. Budic 10/17/2009 $20.00 In support of the Texas Children’s Hospital. GO DESTRUCTOID!
J. Burton 10/17/2009 $10.00 Go go Destructoid <333
Anonymous 10/17/2009 $2.00
S. Button 10/17/2009 $5.00
A. Saum 10/17/2009 $5.00 See, even the economically challenged can donate! GO, DESTRUCTOID, GO!
D. Kicklighter 10/17/2009 $10.00 Destructoid SAVES LIVES. And pays for green Jello.
Anonymous 10/17/2009 $50.00 <3 Dtoid
J. Ross 10/17/2009 $50.00 Rawr.
T. Sheehy 10/17/2009 $5.00 If I were a rich girl, I’d donate more. <3 you dtoid
R. Hunter 10/17/2009 $5.00 From TripleZer0
C. Keilhofer 10/17/2009 $10.00
K. McLaughlin 10/17/2009 $100.00
G. Turner 10/17/2009 $8.00 DTOID LOVEEEEE! The Dtoid Army Stomps out Cancer!!
K. McLaughlin 10/17/2009 $100.00
U. Duck 10/17/2009 $600.00 Give more than me and I’ll make you an avatar or something. – Ugly Duck
M. Stryker 10/17/2009 $25.00 YAY COLLETTE HAS THE VOICE OF AN ANGEL!!!!
M. May 10/17/2009 $24.00 Castrate Cancer ‘Cause Children Can’t.
F. Cortez 10/17/2009 $24.00 <3! Together Dtoid can make a difference!
H. Aziz 10/17/2009 $20.00 KIDS ARE BETTER THAN CANCER
K. McLaughlin 10/17/2009 $500.00 This is just plain epic. EXPLODE CHILDREN’S CANCER!
J. Kesner 10/17/2009 $24.00 GO DESTRUCTOID!!! – Evil Cheese
D. Sanford 10/17/2009 $20.00 Let’s frag cancer.
J. Sterling 10/17/2009 $24.00 We love you! We’re excited to give money to cancer!
J. Tackett 10/17/2009 $12.00
J. Berger 10/17/2009 $50.00 Love letter and autographed photo, please, Colette! 🙂
J. Lange 10/17/2009 $7.00 To the children! …and to Colette wearing a Mitsuru outfit.
I. Roberts 10/17/2009 $24.00
A. Kwaselow 10/17/2009 $24.00 Colette, I want that love letter
B. Gee 10/17/2009 $5.00 HorseHead punches cancer in the face!
C. Hansbrough 10/17/2009 $24.00 Scion of Mogo makes a DONATION!!!!!
P. Lam 10/17/2009 $10.00 Calpis here and I’m contributing towards toplessness and the children but not both at the same time.
Anonymous 10/17/2009 $10.00 Fuck cancer. – John Solgrim
B. Nicholson 10/17/2009 $30.00 Keep it up, guys! Awesome, stuff.
A. Sanderson 10/17/2009 $20.00
T. Weadock 10/17/2009 $30.00 Good going guys, you make me so proud! Love, Travis!
D. Blanker 10/17/2009 $24.00
M. Ferry 10/17/2009 $7.77 <3 Destructoid. <3 Extra Life
R. Drozdalski 10/17/2009 $20.00
P. Jan 10/17/2009 $69.69
F. Jimenez 10/17/2009 $24.00
M. Marquez 10/17/2009 $24.00 Hi Jim & Ash! It’s me, matty! Cure cancer and let the children Plaaaay!
M. Dang 10/17/2009 $24.00
J. Millward 10/17/2009 $24.00 Play it up but good, guys!
Anonymous 10/17/2009 $24.00
Total:   $3,510.00  

Leave me a Message!
Date Message Author
10/18/2009 I donated earlier, but you know paypal doesn’t show. Anyway <3 u guys! Knivy
10/18/2009 That donation down there (N.Strife) is mine :O. I love guys, Destructoid rules. “Not Jim, Colette, Niero, R3Y, you guys rock my sawks!” Neonie
10/18/2009 That donation down there (N.Strife) is mine :O. I love guys, Destructoid rules. “Not Jim, Colette, Niero, R3Y, you guys rock my sawks!” Neonie
10/18/2009 Aw, I donated $20 via PayPal (international, apparently) but it’s not showing up on here. TOGETHER WE CAN GIVE CANCER A COMMUNAL PUNCH IN THE DICK. electro lemon
10/18/2009 Aw, I donated $20 via PayPal (international, apparently) but it’s not showing up on here. TOGETHER WE CAN GIVE CANCER A COMMUNAL PUNCH IN THE DICK. electro lemon
10/18/2009 Aw, I donated $20 via PayPal (international, apparently) but it’s not showing up on here. TOGETHER WE CAN GIVE CANCER A COMMUNAL PUNCH IN THE DICK. electro lemon
10/18/2009 15 bucks because gaming and saving lives goes hand in hand! J. Anderson
10/17/2009 5$ from Spain, keep it up! Anonymous
10/17/2009 I donated $120, but international donations don’t show on this list! TheYoungScot
10/17/2009 GO GATORS JOHN M
Colette Bennett