No RetroforceGO! this week; smiles and rainbows postponed momentarily

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I hate being the bearer of bad news, but alas, I’m the only one here to do the baring. Dyson and Colette have seen fit to run off with Chad Concelmo, for what can only be called the “Best Elopement EVAR,” and there’s no one left to record the show with me. So there’s no podcast this week.

However, being a nearly full-blooded Irishman and thereby practically impossible to keep down, I have decided to forge on and do my own show. I’m calling it “Death Metal Tea Time” and I’m recording it on an old cassette player I got for Christmas in 1982. Joining me will be a Tohoho plushy, an empty Guinness can with the tab broken off, and this stray cat that hangs out in the alley beside my apartment building, provided he’s available.

We will be discussing the Sega Dreamcast and why they paired such an uncomfortable controller with such an awesome system, debating about the rising cost of New York City public transit, and following up with lots of crying and asking God why he hath forsaken us. I’ll mail you a copy of the tape for five bucks.  


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