No really: iPhone fingerless gloves, Ocarina app

With Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch being as popular as they are, it seems that companies are scrambling to create new and innovative products to cash in on that popularity. Today we’ve come across two videogame-themed products that we’d like to point out and mock.

The first is SMule: Ocarina for iPhone. That’s right. If Link had an iPhone, he could have solve puzzles and call Epona with this. It’s a full-blown musical instrument that has you blowing into the microphone to play. The video above shows a demo of someone playing the classic Legend of Zelda theme. As geeky as this is, there is a bit of a cool technical side to this application. It’s just really hard to appreciate while watching someone blow into the bottom of a phone.

The other product is called Etre Touchy, which are gloves that are lacking covers for the thumb and forefinger. No, really. These gloves, shown in our gallery, are intended for use with your iPhone, Nintendo DS, PSP, or any other portable electronic device that requires the use your fingertips. Should you be interested, they’re avavailable now for £14.99 a pair, and can be shipped worldwide.

Dale North