No, really: Corn Flake box Wii gun

First off, who eats Corn Flakes? They’re flakes of corn! They’re disgusting, and the smell of milk hitting a bowl big bowl of flakes is hard to describe, though easy to avoid. There are many better-tasting cereals to pick from. Hell, the Kellogg company doesn’t even list the cereal on their featured product page. Even they know how bad it tastes!

To be fair, you don’t have to construct this DIY Wii gun with a Corn Flake box. In fact, it was originally constructed using plastic acrylic sheets by package designer Chung Dha Lam. He created a downloadable template that you can apply to whatever flat material you’d like. Cut it out, add some elastic bands, and you’ll have the most thrifty replacement for a gaming accessory ever.

This seems a bit senseless, but I’ll say right away that I’d use this any day over the unwieldy Wii Zapper. I’d rather get paper cuts from a Corn Flake box. Or better yet, from a Frosted Mini-Wheats Strawberry Delight box.

[Via Make

Dale North