No R.I.P in W.O.W

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World of Warcraft refuses to stop wowing me. In September of last year an overlooked piece of code spread an online plague across its servers that countless people enjoyed spreading much to the chagrin of Blizzard. Recently humanity has shown its true colors yet again in the realm of WOW, when a funeral was held in the game in honor of a popular player’s death in real life. Players thought it would be nice to have a memorial for him by logging into his account, taking his character to a lake, and setting it up for everyone to come and pay their respects. This is when a certain guild thought it would be perfect to run an ambush, kill the dead guy’s character, and then wipe out everyone else who was there to show their respects. Yes, they filmed it, and yes, it’s funny.As terrible as this may be, it is just another example of how ingrained video games are in our society now. You don’t get this kind of news from the world wide Sudoku championships. The only non video game and non Olympic game I can think of to ever be taken this seriously was Chess back in the days of the Cold War. I’m sure Bobby Fischer woulda loved World of Warcraft. I bet he woulda loved Destructoid too…You can read more about the RPG funeral tragedy on Shoutwire, and watch the video. The first half of the video is lame, but the second half is worth waiting for.

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