No prone coming to Battlefield: Bad Company 2

No, going prone won’t be an option in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, according to the game’s lead writer and designer, David Goldfarb, but feel free to keep asking other questions or throw out feedback about the game.

Earlier last afternoon, Goldfarb made a stunning announcement about the second Bad Company via his Twitter account, saying “FYI: we will not add prone based on anything. You can stop asking now. (smiley face)” — a point he really didn’t have to make considering how prone-resistant EA DICE is. The game’s official Twitter account backed Goldfarb up with a re-tweet, and added “but share your feedback with me,” which we’ll do shortly. The game needs more helicopters.

Source: David Goldfarb’s Tweet [@locust9]

Source: Official Battlefield Bad Company 2 Tweet [@OfficialBFBC2]

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