‘No plans’ to bring Minecraft to PS Vita, says Mojang

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Eurogamer has quoted Mojang’s Daniel Kaplan as stating that there are “no plans” to put Minecraft out on PlayStation Vita. As for other games the studio has its hands on, who knows for sure.

Kaplan said Scrolls is “definitely coming for touch screens,” but probably not Cobalt — “the controls don’t fit the touch screen.” I had accepted that Minecraft would appear on every platform willing to embrace it — the game has an Xperia Play version, after all — so this isn’t something I was expecting to hear.

Not that it’s a bad thing, either way; I’ve certainly had my fill of Minecraft. But the Vita will be the hot new gaming device for some time to come, and you have to wonder, “What if?”

Mojang: no plans for Minecraft on Vita [Eurogamer — Thanks, De5gravity]

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