No patch coming for BioShock 2 PC controller support

Sorry, guys. This is one of those times where complaining won’t get you anywhere; shocking, I know. As you’ve no doubt heard by now, BioShock 2 for PC is not playable with the Xbox 360 controller.

This lack of support legitimately annoyed some, and then a whole bunch of people who wanted to be along for the ride jumped on this massive forum thread. Skip forward to page 37, and you have got yourself a response from 2K’s Elizabeth Tobey: “we won’t be adding [controller support] into the game in a patch.”

Yes sir, they’re sticking to their guns. Usually I would be sympathetic in this situation — I tend to prefer gamepads to traditional PC controls for most games — but this is what happens when you go around trashing everyone who doesn’t praise the mouse and keyboard setup, only to later complain that a first-person shooter doesn’t utilize the exact control method you despise so much.

Go ahead and call the developers lazy anyway, since it was already on your mind. Jerks!

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