No one allegedly recognized this Zelda Fierce Deity Link cosplay at a con: do you?


The face paint really gave it away. Maybe it’s all those moments I spent basking in the glory of Fierce Deity Link, but I instantly recognized this cosplay from Reddit user Enoughrose as the iconic Majora’s Mask persona.

The story behind this particular getup? The wearer claims that no one noticed what they were portraying at a convention. How can one not recognize the sheer terrifying energy of Fierce Deity Link is the real question. Majora was out there, and Link’s fierce transformation was part of its mysterious allure. It’s also bled into various other Nintendo games like the Smash series and Hyrule Warriors.

After some digging to find out what event this travesty took place at: Enoughrose clarifies that this was at San Diego Comic-Con two years ago and is just sharing the photo now. Yeah, there’s plenty of Zelda people at Comic-Con. If no one really did recognize it shame on them.

I cosplayed as Fierce Deity Link only once and nobody knew who I was [Reddit]

Chris Carter
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