No Obsidian is still a bummer, but South Park: The Fractured But Whole looks great

Matt and Trey are still highly involved

I was sad to hear at its E3 announcement last year that Obsidian, who developed the original South Park RPG, was not returning for Fractured But Whole (it’s actually Ubisoft San Francisco and South Park Digital Studios handling the sequel) — but it looks like the teams have built upon the already sturdy foundation well enough.

This new behind-the-scenes featurette gives me a lot of hope, given how much Trey Parker and Matt Stone are seemingly involved and just about every facet of the project. If you’re a South Park fan in general it’s worth watching (as it touches on the well-known but always interesting concept of turning around an entire episode in six days), but it also provides a few reminders for the sequel — like that it’ll take place a day after the first game.

Chris Carter
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