No need to plunder: Age of Booty will be $10

If you weren’t lucky enough to nab the free copy of Age of Booty in our recent contest,  you’ll be glad to know that it won’t require much booty to get your own Age of Booty.

It will be $10 for the upcoming downloadable title, and Capcom says that it’s worth the asking price:

I brought a friend into work tonight and he drug a couple of his DotA and AoE friends in with him.  We got rolling at 8:00pm and I had to kick them out at 12:30am.  (Pirate Captains need their sleep.)  Two said they’d buy it for $10 and one said he’d easily buy it for $20.  (That guy has a little too much gold to spare.)    …and this was based only on the quality of the multiplayer gameplay over LAN.  They didn’t get to see the single player mode, map editor, or match making system.

Good thing we’re pricing AoB at $10.

There’s the verdict from three people. Do you think the swashbuckling strategy game will be worth your $10?

Dale North