No More Heroes’ Suda 51 sure knows how to spice up an interview

Interviews make for the best sort of entertainment at times, as long as those involved know the rules to the dance, and how to liven up an otherwise blasé’ exchange of words. Judging by the one that Eurogamer had with the brains behind No More Heroes, Suda 51, that is pretty much a “non-issue” when he’s in the room. While recently discussing the inspiration for his games, he managed to cause a few people to hold their heads in stilted laughter, and redden the face of at least one translator in the process:

“I get inspired by a lot of different things. A lot of people only listen to one kind of music, or they prefer one kind of movie or game – but I like to try everything. I think my inspiration is to mix together many kinds of different things, and to bring parts of all the things I like into my games. You could definitely see that in Killer 7, and it’s there in No More Heroes as well – it’s a real mixture.

You know, you can see on the screen, in No More Heroes you sit on the toilet to save the game – I guess making a game for me is a bit like that. When you take a shit, everything you’ve consumed is all mixed together, there are all sorts of things in that – and that’s the same kind of idea, I think.”

You have no choice but to tip your hat to a man that publicly admits that some of his great inspirations owe their humble beginnings to the cold, hard, porcelain fixture that we all tend to take for granted. Hide from truth if you will, but many a brainstorm has been hatched while perched on the can. 

Still every bit as interesting in its own right, the rest of the interview focuses on questions surrounding the game itself, and its place in the Wii’s lonely arsenal of mature titles. While it may have seen little fanfare during its Japanese release, more than a few of us  at Destructoid are eagerly awaiting its arrival. Looks as if we are about to have yet another good reason to fire up our Wiis again. Talk about a street date that can’t arrive soon enough…

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