No More Heroes jumps on the countdown bandwagon – no more numbers, please

Suda 51’s violent, cell shaded Wii game about the elimination of rival hitmen, No More Heroes, has gone and done something that no other videogame has done before – set up a website with a countdown on it! Seriously, who’s ever heard of a promotion like that before? Suda has clearly shown the world why he’s one of the most creative and unique eccentrics in the videogame industry. Imagine it – a series of numbers, decreasing in numerical value by increments of one at a daily rate until the sequence reaches zero and then … something happens! Are you not more excited than Gary Glitter at a My Little Pony convention?

So, what will it be? A new trailer? Some fresh information? Or a stupid blog? Ah, who cares? The game’s going to rule just like Killer 7 did (and it DID rule), so the boys at Grasshopper can do all the counting down they like. Somebody really needs to tell developers that these silly waiting games really aren’t all that exciting, though. Surprise us, hit us from out of the blue, come in from left field, just don’t make us anticipate. That’s how boredom happens.

[Cheers to BlindsideDork for the tip] 

James Stephanie Sterling