No More Heroes footage: 37 seconds of awesome?

Between the three clips attached to this post, you have a grand total of 37 seconds of footage from SUDA51’s upcoming ultra-stylized action title No More Heroes. You might think 37 seconds isn’t nearly enough time to get a good feel for a game, and instead of insulting you for being stupid — as I’m wont to do — I totally agree. I can’t quite decide if this game is going to be the second coming of The Matrix or if it’s going to be the gaming equivalent of Equilibrium: a solid effort, no doubt, but derivative and pretentious in the extreme. Personally, I’m hoping for the former as it’s been a long time since we’ve seen something with as much flair as the original Matrix or the Kill Bill duology, and frankly substance is extremely overrated. 

Hit the jump for two more tiny video clips. 

Earnest Cavalli
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