No More Heroes creators give us everything but the game

Don’t get me wrong, Marvelous Entertainment. We appreciate the steady flow of gameplay clips and we love your official cosplay, but we’ve come to a point where freebies will only make us more impatitent. Come on! Toilet paper? We want to play No More Heroes now!

The Japanese Web page offers a few more items to hopefully hold you until the game’s release. They are regularly releasing new desktop wallpapers. Six are available now, and two more will be added on Friday of this week. 

There’s also some newly added music clips. We like the sound of “NMH” the best, but “Pleather for Breakfast” easily has the best name. Although short, these are pretty nifty tunes.

Hey, Marvelous. Thanks for these, but No More Waiting. Let’s get this show on the road. 

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