No More Heroes 3 still on Wii succesor, other Suda news

Suda51 is one hell of an interesting dude I would think. At least his games are, and that means knowing more information about his games must be really interesting too, right? Right.

The developer sat down and chatted with Revogames recently and let some details drop about what he’s doing now. First and foremost for No More Heroes fans is that NMH3 is still being planned for whatever is coming after the Wii. Suda says that Nintendo’s next system is of great interest to him along with the 3DS, which he won’t talk too much about because he doesn’t want people stealing his ideas for the handheld.

He also stated that Grasshopper Manufacture wasn’t doing any of the work on making Move compatible with the PS3’s version of No More Heroes. He in fact blatantly said that it didn’t interest him or Grasshopper at all, though why would you want to waste time tacking that on to the game when it can easily be done by a third party.

Finally, Suda admits that he didn’t think anyone would like the blatantly sexual recharging motion that one has to perform in the No More Heroes games, but he says he was obviously wrong. Way to doubt gamer’s ability to shake their hand up and down vigorously, Suda.

Entrevistas : Una Kölsch con Suda51 [Revogames, via GoNintendo]

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