No More Heroes 2 on sale at Amazon today

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No More Heroes was a passable game but had a lot of things I hated, such as the overworld, the driving and the overworld. The overworld was pretty crap as well, honestly.

The sequel changes all of that. Now, my only real complaints are a couple of unreasonable boss fights and somewhat iffy platforming in a couple of special sections. That’s why I feel totally comfortable recommending that you buy No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle on Amazon today. As the Deal of the Day, it’s marked down to $34.99, a $15 savings. 

Seriously, the game is good. Hell, I’d probably be willing to pay $35 just for the retro mini-games, let alone the brilliant eccentricity which is littered throughout like Suda51 is throwing out his garbage and I’m rummaging through it to find out what he eats and if it’ll give me power.’s Video Game Deal of the Day [Amazon — Thanks, Rammstein!]


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