No More Heroes 2 finally out in Europe on May 28

It’s sure taken its sweet time, but Travis Touchdown is finally returning to Europe when No More Heroes 2 hits the PAL territories on May 28. The sequel to Suda 51’s humorous and blood-soaked Wii game has been out in North America since January. Better late than never, right?

The game was originally slated for April, but has been pushed back a few weeks. The good news is that Europeans will be getting blood this time around. The Euro release of the first No More Heroes recolored the blood black, so that everybody exploded in a shower of crude oil instead of tasty claret when killed. The game will release “the way the legendary Suda 51 intended,” according to Rising Star Games. 

So, any Europeans who are looking forward to picking it up?

No More Heroes 2 out May 28 [Videogamer]

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