No midnight launch for Halo 3 in London. Council fears Master Chief’s power

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Londoners will be able to go to bed early on September 25th, as it seems their beloved Halo 3 will not launch at midnight as one might expect. A midnight launch is something only the most outstandingly hyped of items get, and it was academic to assume that Master Chief’s third outing would receive the same treatment. While 1,000 stores in the UK will open their doors at the magic hour, those in London have been barred from doing the same, as Westminster council fears the amount of eager Halo 3 fans a midnight launch will draw could lead to panic on the streets of London when chaos and riots take hold.

This is being treated as bigger than both the launch of the PlayStation 3 and Harry Potter’s last book. Both those products were worthy of midnight launches but did not make the council so afraid as to cancel them. That should be a clear indicator as to just how mad the Halo 3 hype has become. It makes even the law quake in fear. Halo 3 hits the UK on September 26th and will be available in London during normal opening hours that day. I would personally advise people not to make trips to Oxford Street on that day, midnight launch or not. Chances are that there will be chaos regardless of what time the game goes on sale.

I love it. Whether you’re a Halo fan or not, one cannot deny what the series is doing for our beloved industry. Nothing is making games look like a bigger deal right now. This is proof to the naysayers that it’s not a small, poor industry that can be kicked around anymore, and it’s not idle children’s entertainment. It’s huge and it’s crazy. I don’t play Halo, but I love what it’s doing. Fear the power of the gaming legion, for we are many.

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