No Man’s Sky’s Abyss update takes players under the sea (where there are monsters)

Obligatory water level

No Man’s Sky has been to the sky — it’s right there in the name, and there’s all sorts of intergalactic space travel. No Man’s Sky has been on the land, through all its planet-exploring where you hoof it on foot. Finally, No Man’s Sky takes to the sea.

In today’s Abyss update — available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One — Hello Games has added water as a major environment. It has all the stuff you’d expect of aquatic biomes. Your space suit and jetpack pull double duty as makeshift scuba gear. There’s a bunch of new plantlife and minerals to discover. Treasure lies deep in the depths (and no one is sure how it got there.) There’s a submarine. Hello Games even has a new storyline to accompany the content update.

But, bar none, there is one development that is most important about the Abyss update: There are monsters. Sea monsters. Monsters that just hang out deep in the water and we don’t know about them because we don’t really go down that far. Monsters that are leftovers from when earth was a terrifying place, but now we have wifi and Shamrock Shakes so the fish monsters can go away because earth is a better place now.

Some fish are good though.

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