No Man’s Sky PC Collector’s Edition up for pre-order today

Plus a vinyl set, art prints, shirts, and pins

iam8bit, Inc. is teaming up with Hello Games to provide a ton of No Man’s Sky-related stuff starting today. In addition to the big-daddy SKU of the Collector’s Edition for the PC version of the game, there’s also an LP vinyl set, art prints, shirts, and pins. The company aims to have “other sweet products” hit up through the “months” before launch (ha, a hint). The retail base price is $60, and various other retailers are listing pre-order bonuses, like GOG.

Initially I thought the game was launching later in the afternoon (especially since Sony was listing the pre-order release date as today), but I’ve been assured that’s not the case. As for the game, there seems to be a lot of hype, but we still really don’t know that much about it. Consider me cautiously optimistic.

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