No Man’s Sky is one of the biggest PC games of the year in spite of its issues

212,620 users today at launch

So uh, No Man’s Sky is selling pretty well on PC, and unlike the fairly closed system from Sony, it’s much easier to track. Steam Stats is reporting that 212,620 people have been playing the game concurrently today — for reference, XCOM 2 reached a high of 133,022, Dark Souls III had 129, 975.

This is in spite of its overwhelming negative Steam reviews, noting compatibility problems and other bugs. Well, at least we know hype sells! I wonder how many users will be around in a month or so. As PC Gamer points out the game could have long legs, since Skyrim started off with 280,000 users in its first week before skyrocketing to 3.5 million across all platforms over time. It all depends on how quickly Hello Games provides patches and content updates to keep people interested.

No Man’s Sky [Steam Stats via PC Gamer]

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