No Man’s Sky footage attempts to explain what the game is about

I’ll believe it when I play it

No Man’s Sky is probably the biggest release slated for August, and still we know so little about it. With near non-existent hands-on opportunities, we’re left at the mercy of developer Hello Games and Sony’s hype. At just several weeks until its release (following a short delay), Sony has provided a new clip that tries to shed some more light on its premise of exploration. Shown at the start in text form are the core tenets — explore, fight, trade, and survive.

Yet, the first video (seemingly in a series, where the others will come later) just shows us more of what we’ve already seen. Okay I get that we’re flying through space in an “endless” world with “limitless” variety (which is probably its biggest hype-man claim), but there’s just lots of footage of slow-moving creatures.

Am I going crazy here? I’m excited to see if it lives up to its claims, but that’s all I see so far — hype. If it’s just a low-key beautiful walking simulator I’d be fine with that, but it’s almost unsettling to see this degree of manufactured excitement (from Sony, mind) over such a mysterious project.

Chris Carter
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