No Man’s Sky Endurance Update makes freighter life even more glamorous

No Man's Sky Endurance Update

Life in space

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Hello Games is back with another big update, this time addressing freighters. The massive hub ships get an overhaul in the Endurance Update for No Man’s Sky today, making space-base life even cooler.

The Endurance Update takes a huge rework to the freighter bases of No Man’s Sky. New parts and themed rooms with customization options let you design the Normandy, Rocinante, or Enterprise of your dreams.

Specialist crew will also now walk around your base, having thoughts and patrolling the area. Agricultural Modules let players build a farm on their ship, taking Stardew Valley into the stars. And freighter exteriors can get some observation decks and catwalks for a little out-of-ship sightseeing stroll, too.

Base-building also gets a few quality-of-life updates, like preview holograms showing up through walls. Existing base parts can be replaced without deleting their old spots, so you don’t have to worry too much about snapping on just right.

Plus, the universe gets even more beautiful with enhanced nebulae and black holes. Asteroids get a little more varied too, adding a bit more for the miners out there. And if you like creepy stuff, well, you can seek out some organic frigates too.

Home, home among the stars

Of course, alongside the big updates to freighters and celestial forces, there are also a ton of other small touch-ups and quality-of-life improvements. Hello Games keeps carrying on with No Man’s Sky updates, building up and up with each new update, like clockwork.

The space life sim is also expected to arrive on Nintendo Switch on October 7, 2022. After seeing these huge freighters and vast ship layouts, I’m pretty intrigued to see how this universe manages to squeeze onto the Switch. Until then, the Endurance Update is live for all platforms that No Man’s Sky is available on today.

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