No Man’s Sky devs talk 4.0 update, future plans for the game

Things are looking up for Hello Games

We’re now over six years after the launch of No Man’s Sky, and yet, the game is more lively than it has ever been. The game has gotten countless updates to both improve quality of life and hugely expand on the game’s world and content, and there’s still more coming. To get the scoop on the future of No Man’s Sky, Eurogamer sat down with public-facing Hello Games developer Sean Murray, who explained the upcoming 4.0 update, as well as the future of where the company is heading next.

The star of the show here is that 4.0 update, which has some big changes headed our way. Going live on Friday, October 7, one of the biggest features of the release with the 4.0 update is that No Man’s Sky is finally coming to Nintendo Switch. This is pretty exciting stuff for fans who are looking forward to taking the adventure on the go, but there are some changes that are being made to the game to ensure it can run on the console. For example, the game’s settlements won’t be available on the Switch, because of the processing power it takes to have them going in the game.

The 4.0 update for No Man’s Sky also includes some exciting new features for fans, such as the Relaxed mode, which is available for both new saves and existing ones, and will allow players to forgo some of the grind and chill out. Survival mode is also getting an overhaul to make it a “much more challenging, more unique experience.” Custom games are new, too, and will allow players to curate their game to best fit their own playstyle. There are also just some usual quality of life changes coming as well, which will streamline inventories and increase level caps, for example.

As far as Hell0 Games itself, it sounds like the studio is in much better condition than it was a few years ago. Thanks to the fans’ warm reception to all of the new updates, the team’s morale has improved significantly year-over-year, Murray said. While he didn’t have much more to add other than the next project the studio is working on that we already knew about, he made it clear that the studio is in high spirits, and tackling the large scope of their newest project with renewed enthusiasm.

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