No Man’s Sky also has purple, is still amazing

Not all men’s sky

No Man’s Sky showed off a particularly purple planet in its Game Awards trailer. It’s still exciting, walking amidst bioluminscent fauna and dinosaurs, getting into your ship and zipping off to another planet. Oh, and there’s that Metal Gear Solid IV Gekko-looking mech on that planet. Maybe part of the resource element? Mining? For fighting dinosaurs? 

Also that weird squiggly pillar transporter that looks like gun metal Cronenburg. Plus the flying to get there amidst the desert littered with discarded ribbons was great. 

There are other folks flying around with you this time around, too, but mainly it just still looks incredible impressive. There’s also going to be more of No Man’s Sky to check out at PlayStation Experience, where Hello Games promised, “something different.” 

Steven Hansen