No Little Big Planet demo this year, look for coal in your stocking

Nearly everyone agrees that Media Molecule’s upcoming PlayStation 3 game Little Big Planet looks damned cool. But just watching the videos or reading about the game doesn’t really give you a good feel as to just what in the hell the game is truly about. Everyone should have gotten their hands-on the game this fall, when Sony was supposed to release a demo of the game. 

Santa must hate you, because it ain’t happening. Speaking to MTV Multiplayer’s Stephen Totilo, Sony’s Ron “Lesser Spotted” Eagle breaks the bad news saying, “I can officially confirm that there won’t be a demo this year.” He then goes on to say that he’s played 30 of the games 50 pre-loaded developer main levels, and that they were fun. How cruel.

I can officially confirm that this news saddens me, and I used a particularly vulgar string of words upon hearing it. I’m not sure how much longer I could wait for the game, before me and three friends are forced to roll logs and fruits into Sony’s offices. 

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