No Left 4 Dead 2 demo? Here’s what you’re missing

If you’ve pre-ordered Left 4 Dead 2 from GameStop or via Steam, you probably already know — the demo for the game is available now. But if you haven’t, or for some reason haven’t gotten your Xbox 360 demo code (raise hell with GameStop corporate!), then these videos are you. 

The demo shows off the first two levels of one of the game’s five campaigns, “The Parish.” After getting dropped off by a ferry boat, the four survivors fight their way through a small town, then a zombie-infested park, and then through a bus station to reach the safehouse which ends this short demo.

The gameplay is split up across two videos which last about seventeen minutes total, but it’s worth your time if you’re interested in watching zombies get their limbs blown off and such. Within the first minute of playing for this video, I picked up a guitar as a melee weapon, and that’s when I knew that sh*t was about to get real. And then it did. 


Nick Chester