No LAN for you: StarCraft II won’t have local support

StarCraft II will not have LAN support.

Speaking with IncGamers, Blizzard’s vice president of game design Rob Pardo made it spectacularly clear that players won’t be able to play against each other the old way — without the Internet. Instead, players will have to use the revolutionary Battle dot Net service to host, create and join matches.

“We don’t have plans to support LAN,” Pardo said shortly before putting the statement in stone with, “we will not support it.”

This, of course, comes with a caveat: IncGamers was speaking with a panel, and the other two guys, producer Chris Sigaty and lead designer Dustin Browder, weren’t so sure. They said Blizzard was still discussing it before Pardo answered.

Despite the disagreement within the panel, we’re sure StarCraft II won’t support LAN for a couple of reasons. First, Pardo knows. Second, this is the year 2009. This thing called the Internet lets people do all sorts of wild things like look at porn and play RTS games over it. Pretty hip, really.

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