No Joke: This is Dragon Age April Fool’s DLC

No, seriously.

Bioware’s gone the extra mile this April Fool’s by creating  two extra-special DLC packs for Dragon Age: Origins, in celebration of Thedas’ “Satinalia Feast”.

The first pack, titled “Feastday Pranks” consists of a set of “prank gifts” for each of your Dragon Age: Origins companions that you can give to significantly decrease their approval rating. The best one is the bane of pets everywhere, the “Protective Cone” for your dog, which turns into an actual piece of equipment after being handed off. Thankfully for players who don’t like to keep their people pissed off, a set of “apology gifts” are also included.

The second pack is called “Feastday Gifts”, a set of companion-specific gifts that will not only improve your party members’ approval, but also come with humorous extra effects, such as an Alistair-shaped Voodoo doll for Morrigan that injures the hapless templar when used.

The DLC comes in two separate packs costing 160 Bioware Durian Bucks on the PC, 240 Microsoft Banana Dollars, or $1.99 on PSN. They’re also available at a discounted combo price. Once installed they can be picked up year-round at your party camp merchant’s store.

Those knee-deep into the Awakening expansion pack are left out in the cold, though, as the gifts are only accessible the Origins campaign (which makes sense given the context). I hope you kept those old saves and character files.

Anyone getting into the Feastday spirit?

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