No joke, there’s a Watchmen MMO coming to the iPhone

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I hope you’ve braced yourselves, because this week is Watchmen week. With the movie and the game hitting Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network this week, you’re not going to be able to get away.

Well, now you’ll be able to take it on the go. Warner Bros. Digital Distribution has announced today that an iPhone/iPod Touch game, Watchmen: Justice is Coming, is in development. As if that concept on its own weren’t enough, get this — it’s an MMO. 

Develpped by Last Legion, the game uses a patented “cloudMMO” tech to put players in a persistent online world fighting crime as a masked adventure in a 1970s New York City. G4 got a nice exclusive first-look at the game, which is schedule to his the iTunes store this March.  

Would you play an MMO on your iPhone? And a better question, would it be this Watchmen MMO?

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