No Galactrix on Xbox Live next week? Looks that way

We wondered as to whether Puzzle Quest: Galactrix would be out for XBLA on the same date as the DS version of the addictive puzzler earlier this month, but now it seems that winds could be swaying in the opposite direction. Siliconera went directly to the source in search of answers, contacting D3 Publisher to ask about the XBLA release date and was informed by a rep that ““we have not confirmed a live date for the XBLA version of Puzzle Quest: Galactrix at this time.” Bummer.

Looks like the offical page for the game on has also been changed, now stating that the release date is TBA. The 360 turned out to be my favorite platform for the original Puzzle Quest, but I really enjoying the PC demo, so maybe I’ll just stick with that when it comes out on February 24th. The DS version also comes out that day, so at least we’ll have two to choose from.

Colette Bennett