No fair: Europe gets the Gran Turismo PSP hookup

We already know that Europe is getting Gran Turismo PSP free with their PSPgo. We’ll give that to them, as they always get the shaft. But after seeing the other goodies they’re getting, including a Collector’s Edition release of the game, and another slick bundle, we’re beginning to think that Sony thinks we dislike Gran Turismo.

Remember when we told you about our Limited Edition Gran Turismo PSP Entertainment Pack, set to release on October 20th? It’s just a good ol’ Silver PSP-3000, the game, and a couple of vouchers. Europe has another pack aside from the PSPgo one. It contains a PSP that features special GT branding and ornaments in a unique Titanium finish. Oh, and they get a leather pouch!

It’s not just the bundles that got the hook-up. There’s a Collector’s Edition release of the game for Europe. This special rainbow silver foil effect Collector’s Edition pack has a voucher for a Bugatti Veyron inside, along with five special art cards based on the vehicle. 

As a bonus kick in the balls, their bundle hits on launch date, October 1st. Ours? Two weeks or more later. You win this one, EU. Sony, what’s the deal? Is Europe the new Japan?

Dale North