No console specific characters for home versions of Street Fighter IV

Hey, Xbox 360 owners who bought Soul Calibur IV — how’s that Yoda working out for you? Because Darth Vader is totally sweet on the PlayStation 3, man. But Yoda is kind of cool … maybe I’ll pick up another copy of the game. 

When it comes to the console versions of Capcom’s fighter Street Fighter IV, this won’t be a dilemma you’ll have to face. In an interview with, producer Yoshinori Ono said that he didn’t believe such platform specific exclusives were “fair.”

“This is just my policy, but I don’t want to give an exclusive character for any particular console,” he said, adding that this would also apply to future downloadable characters. 

So there you have it. Wait, did Ono just semi-confirm downloadable characters? When I asked him about it at Capcom’s CAPTIVATE in Las Vegas earlier in the year, he agreed that it would be a great idea, and that it was something they were considering. But here he is mentioning it again. What ever will we do if we don’t get seven iterations of Street Fighter IV

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