No-Brainer: Cranium comes to Wii

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Last week we told you about the classic board game The Game of Life making its way to the Nintendo Wii, and now it looks like another popular board game is getting a Wii-working.

I’ve only played Cranium twice before, and both times I was perturbed and confused at the strange gameplay and rules, but that’s probably because I was drunk — and sometimes I’m an angry drunk. Now the drinking and confusion can contine with the upcoming Ubisoft title Cranium Kabookii.

Eurogamer says that this game of quizzes, charades, sketching, and anagrams will be recreated for the Wii, and it will come with special glasses that permit the wearer to read on-screen clues that no one else can see. The use of the Wiimote in these challenges should put a fun spin on this crazy game.

Cranium Kabookii will be available in December. 

[Via Eurogamer — thanks, Justin] 

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