No beta for Guild Wars 2 this year

Eager MMO players awaiting the next Guild Wars experience will have to wait for just a bit longer. In a new FAQ posted on the official Guild Wars site, ArenaNet recanted their early prediction of a beta this year, and pointed towards a beta closer to the actual release of Guild Wars 2. ArenaNet is not ready to comment on that date quite yet.

The FAQ also outlines several important aspects of Guild Wars 2. Just like its predecessor, Guild Wars 2 will still forgo a monthly fee and have PvP. Unfortunately, it appears as if the title will not be following the new MMO mold insofar as its solo experience. The majority of the game can be done solo, but according to ArenaNet “some areas in the game [will] require a coordinated group effort.”

Personally, I am ready for a new MMORPG experience that sits outside the monthly barrier.  Even though the payment system is not what made Guild Wars fun or innovative, it sure made it a ton easier on my wallet.  What say you guys?  Would you quit playing your current MMO for Guild Wars 2?


Brad BradNicholson