Let’s watch the September 2023 Nintendo Direct

Winter is coming for the Switch

Super Mario RPG Switch remake battle screen

September is here, and it’s time for the usual Nintendo Direct to show us what’s going on this holiday season for the Switch. Nintendo’s show goes live today, September 14, on their video channels.

The stream is expected to last around 40 minutes. The September 2023 Nintendo Direct will be talking mostly about games coming this winter for the Switch.

This is the usual time of year for a Direct, as Nintendo sets the stage ahead of both the Tokyo Game Show and the holiday season. As such, I’d expect we’ll hear a bit about their pre-announced fall and winter lineup, including Super Mario RPG and WarioWare.

Still, I’m hoping for some more info on previous Direct reveals. Level-5 in particular had a big year in the Directs, with games like Fantasy Life i and Decapolice all being shown. Maybe we’ll get to see updates on them today? Plus, anticipated indies like Metal Slug Tactics would be a fun surprise.

We’ll see what Nintendo’s got in store for the 2023 holiday season and more today. Hang out in the comments to chat about it if you’d like, and keep an eye on Dtoid for all the news and recap.

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