NIS reiterates that Disgaea 6 still exists, but we don’t know when, how, or on what system

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There’s no denying that NIS’ (Nippon Ichi Software) bread and butter is the Disgaea series. It’s what they’re known for best, and in 2003 the first Disgaea shot them to super-stardom level among the SRPG crowd far beyond what they had already experienced with projects like the lovely Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure.

Five numbered Disgaea games might not seem like a lot, but the franchise has spawned countless spinoffs spanning multiple genres on top of other hardline SRPGs like Disgaea D2 — the full sequel to Disgaea a whole decade after its release. If you haven’t been keeping track, NIS is currently on Disgaea 6, following the release of 5 back in 2015. Given that the series usually sees a release every two to three years at a maximum, we’re due for another. Here’s the thing though — there’s nothing on the horizon just yet.

Speaking to Dengeki PlayStation, NIS president Sohei Niikawa has confirmed that Disgaea 6 does exist, will “definitely release” at some point, and it could even dip into a genre other than its traditional strategy-centric predecessors; but we have no further information beyond that. Until then we’ll have to settle for re-releases like Disgaea 5 Complete, which was just pushed back to the fall.

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