NIS announces Cross Edge, a clusterf*ck of characters

Don’t you just love crossovers? It’s like fanfiction, but it doesn’t make your eyes bleed. And so, Nippon Ichi has announced that they’ll be bringing Cross Edge over here to the US, a title that draws from NIS, Capcom, Idea Factory, Gust, and Namco Bandai. It’s going to be some hot Morrigan on Prinny action. And yes, I mean in that way.

The title is an RPG of sorts, running you through a side-scrolling dungeon and then throwing you into J-RPG combat. Once you’re there, it’s time to pull off as many attacks as you possibly can before your turn is up. I only played the Japanese demo for a little bit, but it was something new — albeit I didn’t take to it overly fondly. I’ll still be interested in picking up the game when it comes out.

The title is expected to ship on May 24th , which I’m surprised at how quickly this is hitting shelves — they’ve probably been working on it while trying to hammer out all the rights for the title. You can check out the press release after the jump, and keep an eye on the website for the game.

NIS America announced today that the highly anticipated collaboration RPG, Cross Edge will make it’s way in to the PlayStation®3 Computer Entertainment System line up. Cross Edge is scheduled to be released on
May 24, 2009.

Cross Edge is a RPG co-developed by Nippon Ichi Software, Idea Factory, Gust, Namco Bandai, and Capcom featuring infamous characters from each of the company. Some haracters featured in the game includes the following.

Etna – Dsiagaea
Aurica – Ar tonelico
Marie – Atlier Marie
Meu – Spectral Souls
Morgan – Darkstalkers

Gamers can expect a battle carnage between the various game characters and a extensive synthesizing system to indulge in for hours to come. More info on Cross Edge, visit

Key Features
Main Characters from 5 different games: Cross Edge features infamous characters from Disgaea, Darkstalkers, Mana Khemia 3, Ar tonelico, and Spectral Souls. Action Battle System: By pressing the ○×△□ buttons accordingly during battles you can do various attacks for change combos and special skills.

Costume Change: Changing the costume will not only change the character status, but you will change the actual appearance as will.

Action Dungeon: Unlike ordinary RPGs, Cross Edge features a side scrolling action dungeons. Here you can jump, run, and search for various treasures like in a action game.

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