NIS America announces its final physical PS Vita games

Which ones are you missing?

If you’re a PS Vita collector, then you might want to be on the ball for NIS America’s next run of titles, as the publisher has announced they will be the last physical releases that they will be shipping for Sony’s dedicated handheld console.

The final three releases from NIS will be cutesy adventure Penny-Punching Princess, anime RPG The Lost Child, and retro-styled RPG The Longest Five Minutes. All three titles will be hitting North American shelves March 2019. So make sure you pick them up to plug the gaps in your Vita collection. European releases are currently “being looked at”.

It’s still not quite the end of the road for Sony’s handheld, Atlus will be releasing the Persona Dancing titles on Vita come December, so there’s still life in the old boy yet.

Penny-Punching Princess, The Lost Child, and The Longest Five Minutes launch March 19.

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