Nippon Ichi’s wacked out hitchiking game coming to WiiWare

This game looks great. But I usually expect great from Nippon Ichi, the folks behind the Disgaea series. Let’s Zenryoku Hitchhike is a WiiWare game where you use the Wii Remote to make gestures to attract vehicles to pick you up. Your goal is to hitchhike away from a crazy butcher.

The good people at Siliconera say that this title is coming to Japan’s WiiWare on March 31st for 1000 Wii Points. It seems you can also ride space shuttles and dinosaurs, too. If you’re grinning now, imagine how great the final game will be.

I hope it comes here. This looks hilarious. I have my thumb out, Nippon Ichi. I have my hot pants on. Pick me up.

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