Nioh 2 has a funny reward for clearing Dream of the Demon

Put a cat on your head with the Scampuss Hat Smithing Text

You might finish all of the Tengu’s Disciple DLC missions in one go, but Nioh 2‘s newly-added Dream of the Demon mode is going to be a weeks-long time-sink for many of us. After hearing about the reward for clearing the base game on New Game++ difficulty, I’m committed: I’ve gotta see this through.

As posted by Reddit user Zippygup, the reward for clearing every main mission in Nioh 2 on Dream of the Demon difficulty (minus Online Missions) is the Smithing Text needed to craft the Scampuss Hat.

It’s exactly what it sounds like: a cat hat!

Ladies and Gentlemen… the best piece of armor in the game: from r/Nioh

Another player, rileykard, says they got a Scampuss Hat from a Demon Parade Picture Scroll mission “where you get three Scampuss right at the start. After I completed the mission I could refashion into it.”

Cosmetic appeal aside, the Scampuss Hat’s special effect is Untouched Clay Bell of Reckoning. I love the idea of showing up to a boss fight with a cat on my head and a few more rolling behind me.

As for Dream of the Demon, it’s no walk in the park – at least not with my currently under-leveled build. The recommended player level for the first story mission, the Village of Cursed Blossoms, is 250. Funnily enough, I beat Gozuki and Mezuki no problem, but a random Gaki took me down. Savage.

Whether or not I ever hit 100% completion, I’m already stoked about my drops in DotD so far.

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