Nintendo’s shooting for 20 million more Switch sales for the next fiscal year

That’d make for approximately 34 million sales in 2 years

Nintendo Switch: People seem to like it! It appears as if Nintendo will rocket past its first fiscal year sales projections. Investors were originally told that Switch sales were estimated at 10 million in its first 12 months at market; recent reports indicate Nintendo has already hit that mark with three months left in the fiscal year.

On the back of a strong debut, Nintendo has even loftier goals for the Switch’s second year. Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima told Japanese newspaper Kyoto Shimbun (and as reported by WCCF Tech) that the forecast for Switch sales in fiscal year 2018 is 20 million units. That’s a substantial increase over the projected 14 million it’ll end 2017 with.

However, this number goes hand-in-hand with the news that Nintendo plans to manufacture a minimum of 25 million Switches in 2018. Even though the adoption rate feels healthy, it’s quite evidently hamstrung by production limitations. Nintendo expects to both make and sell a heck of a lot more Switches next year.

任天堂スイッチ、2千万台以上目標 18年度販売で君島社長 [Kyoto Shimbun via WCCF Tech]

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