Nintendo’s revenue and profits plummet

Nintendo’s not had a brilliant six months, revealing today that, during the period which ended on September 30, both revenue and profit are down by a significant amount. According to the figures, Nintendo suffered a 35% drop in revenue and a 59% drop in profit. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that everyone and their grandmother already has a Wii by now.

Revenue was cut from 836.88 billion last year to 548.06 billion yen this year, while profit was down from 252.18 billion yen to 104.36 billion yen. Alongside these numbers, Nintendo’s sales forecast has also diminished, with Nintendo expecting to sell 20 million Wiis instead of 26 million, and 180 million games instead of 220 million. Similarly, Nintendo no longer expects to shift 180 million DS software, now estimating 150 million.

Really makes the announcement of the DSi LL a little more clear, doesn’t it?

James Stephanie Sterling