Nintendo’s pre-E3 Smash 4 Stream starts at 10:40 AM EST

Expect the expected, and more!

The news about Ryu, Roy, the old Kirby stage from Smash N64, new trophies, songs, and Mii outfits all coming to Super Smash Bros. leaked yesterday, but there are still many details about this DLC left to be uncovered, and plenty of potential for all new announcements. Will we get new single player or multiplayer modes? Will there be a new balance patch to keep stuff like this from happening? Will Ryu, Roy and the rest of the new DLC be released today, and if so, how much will it all cost? When is the Lucas amiibo set to drop, and will he be joined by Ryu and Roy as well?

While the biggest cats may already be out of the bag, I’m still hopeful that we’ll get some fun Smash Bros. surprises this morning. So come on down and watch along with us as we check out what Sakurai and company have cooked up for the day.

Jonathan Holmes
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