Nintendo’s paid online service might be getting a delay

At least for Italy

It has been quite a while since we’ve heard anything about Nintendo’s upcoming paid online service. Originally meant to launch in the fall of 2017, the service was pushed back to an unspecified 2018 date where Nintendo said they would be unveiling details later in the year (2017). Seeing as how we have less than a week left in 2017, this new bit of news (or mistranslation/rumor), might explain why we haven’t heard a peep about the service.

According to Nintendo’s Italian website, the Switch online subscription has now been pushed back to Fall 2018. If you remember from that original announcement, the service was first launching in the US, Canada and Mexico, so this news might only be for European players. Even still, when is the service actually launching for the US?

This bit of news could mean a delay is in order for everyone. You’d figure that Nintendo would explain something about how the service is going to roll out. I doubt the clock will strike midnight on January 1st and suddenly online is locked off, but anything could be happening in a matter of a week! It would be nice to know what is the deal with this.

Nintendo Switch Online [Nintendo of Italy via WCCFTECH]

Peter Glagowski
Former Dtoid staff member.